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Karina Ochoa is a trailblazer in the world of digital fashion, dedicated to transforming the fashion industry through technology and sustainable practices. With over a decade of experience, she has worked at the intersection of fashion, technology, and education, consistently pushing the boundaries of innovation. Training and Team Creation Karina specializes in training and building digital fashion teams. She excels in assembling and nurturing design, technical design, and production teams to effectively integrate 3D and AI tools into their processes. Her hands-on approach ensures that brands are equipped to innovate and excel in the digital fashion landscape. Advanced 3D Software Proficiency Karina is proficient in a variety of advanced 3D software essential for fashion product development and media creation. Her expertise includes: Clo3D Browzwear Style 3D Blender Unreal Engine Substance These tools enable her to create cutting-edge digital fashion products and immersive media experiences, setting new industry standards. AR and Virtual Try-On Implementation Karina has extensive experience in Augmented Reality (AR) and virtual try-on technologies. She has successfully led numerous projects utilizing AR software to enhance customer experiences and streamline product development. Her work bridges the gap between physical and digital fashion, offering innovative solutions that drive engagement and efficiency. Educational Initiatives and Industry Influence As a speaker at international events and a creator of digital fashion education programs in Latin America, Karina is passionate about sharing knowledge and inspiring the next generation of fashion innovators. Her educational initiatives aim to democratize access to digital fashion tools and techniques, fostering a more inclusive and forward-thinking industry. Strategic and Collaborative Approach Karina's strategic and collaborative approach is key to her success in driving digital transformation. She excels at bridging the gap between technology and product teams, ensuring seamless integration of digital tools and processes. This holistic approach enhances product development and fosters innovation and sustainability within the fashion industry. Personal Journey Karina's journey as a Colombian immigrant in the United States has been one of resilience and determination. Learning a new language and navigating the complexities of adjusting her status have shaped her perspective and fueled her passion for making a meaningful impact in the fashion tech field. Connect with Karina Ochoa


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