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Infinito Project is the first virtual fashion show presented in the Colombian fashion week 2021.

This is a project in collaboration with Aaron Baker we wanted to showcase the beauty of Latino America's fauna and flora in a surreal environment with colors and music that will take you on a journey of textile tradition and urban streetwear. 

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Feature Press

Karina Ochoa x The Digiital

From a background in fashion design and merchandising after studying fashion design and technical manufacturing, Karina developed a strong interest in the business side of fashion. When working as a fashion designer throughout the second year of her degree, she worked closely with 2D CAD software programs, which soon sparked her curiosity about the next stage, 3D. Karina began using VStitcher at FIT’s innovation center, DTech Lab, working on several exciting collaborative projects. Since then, she has been mastering her skills in 3D, and has assisted several global brands in their 3D efforts.

As a Browzwear Guild member, Karina is continuing her digital journey with plans to move into the luxury fashion sector. “Being a part of the Browzwear Guild motivates me to challenge myself

and put my abilities to the test,” says Karina.

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Briging 3d to the Fashion Industry



Personalized Approach

3D design has become a very important tool to approach fashion sample development and as the technology keeps evolving companies have the need to train their designers in order to incorporate the new software to their supply chain with my expertise I can provide that guidance.



Fashion-Forward Thinking

My One-on-One Sessions have been incredibly helpful for many individuals. If you have questions about what’s included, timing, or anything else, simply get in touch. I’m happy to walk you through all the details.

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From Sketch to 3D Render

I work very closely with participants from the beginning to ensure I understand their exact needs, timeline and any other important details. Book one of my Consultations today to learn more about what I provide.

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Let’s explore the world of digital fashion together. For any inquiry regarding a service or collaboration. Get in touch today.

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