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SID-Live Cover story: It's Only Love

Updated: Aug 23, 2021

Karina Ochoa

  • Age: 28

  • Fashion Designer and Fashion Merchandiser from Arturo Tejada Cano in Medellin Colombia, and Fashion Designer from The Fashion Institute of Technology In NYC.

  • Country of origin: Colombia

  • County of residence: United States

  • @karina_ochoa

From a background in fashion design and merchandising after studying technical manufacturing, Karina developed a strong interest in the business side of fashion. When working as a fashion designer throughout the second year of her degree, she worked closely with 2D CAD software programs, which soon sparked her curiosity about the next stage, 3D. Karina began using VStitcher at FIT’s innovation center, DTech Lab, working on several exciting collaborative projects. Since then, she has been mastering her skills in 3D and has assisted several global brands in their 3D efforts.

As a Browzwear Guild member, Karina is continuing her digital journey with plans to move into the luxury fashion sector. “Being a part of the Browzwear Guild motivates me to challenge myself and put my abilities to the test,” says Karina.

When discussing the concept of fashion avatars, she notes that “the possibility to work with avatars in fashion just opens the doors to create digital runways in an otherworldly environment where the models can be part of creating an immersive experience, just as real-life models have personalities, digital ones need one too, to be memorable.” Karina has been following the Diigitals on Instagram for a while now and was particularly drawn to the Lavie runway. “I think that having digitals models creates more opportunities for the industry; we can work with them to enter digital markets like gaming or virtual retail experiences.” Karina is very much looking forward to being a part of an all-digital editorial, something which she is so passionate about, from styling to creating.

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